IR Hex codes for controlling Montana Sound Unit
By Kelvin Varst 26/01/2016 00.00 Comments

The Montana Sound Unit can be controlled by the original Montana Sound Unit Remote control, but also by universal remote controls from other brands.

Logitech Harmony

Using a Logitech Harmony device, search for:

Manufacturer: Montana
Model number: Sound Unit 2.0


If using a universal remote which is not familiar with the controls for the Montana Sound Unit, the table below shows the control commands, which the Montana Sound Unit accepts.

The Montana Sound Unit uses the NEX protocol and
the address code is 0x40
Power On/Off 0x03   Input WIFI 0xc2
Input Up 0x11   Input HDMI1 0xc0
Input Down 0x01   Input HDMI2 0xc1
Volume Up 0x0b   Input HDMI3 0xc3
Volume Down 0x0a   Input AUX1 0xc4
Radio Up 0x55   Input AUX2 0xc5
Radio Down 0x51   Input OPTICAL 0xc6
Tone EQ Up 0x20   Input COAX 0x60
Tone EQ Down 0x21   Input FM 0x85
Mute 0x41   Input DAB 0x89
      Input ARC 0x9b

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