Insert battery in remote control
By Morten Halvorsen 30/01/2017 14.45 Comments

The remote control that comes with the Montana Sound Unit consists of

  • The MSU Remote Control
  • CR2032 battery
  • Allen key
  • Clip



The battery compartment is placed at the bottom of the remote control, attached with two screws. Use the Allen key to unscrew and remove the two screws. 



When the two screws are removed, use the clip to pull out the battery compartment.



In the battery compartment there is a "+" symbol drawn. Place the CR2032 battery in the compartment with the "+" sign on the battery faced towards the "+" sign in the compartment.



Insert the battery compartment with the battery into the remote control again and screw the two screws on again. 



After the two screws have been fitted, the bottom of the remote control should look as seen below. The remote control is now ready for use.


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