Connect Montana Sound Unit to WiFi
By Morten Halvorsen 07/02/2017 11.33 Comments

First time the Montana Sound Unit is used, it will start up in the WiFi C mode, meaning WiFi Connect. The MSU will generate its own WiFi network which can be used to setup the WiFi connection. 

If for some reason, the Montana Sound Unit needs to be setup to a new WiFi, then it has to be set back to the WiFI C mode. This can be done by

  1. Enter System Settings (SysSetup) - Choose WiFi - Choose Connect.
    The MSU will now enter WiFi C mode and the display will show WiFi C when ready.
  2. Make a system reset, which will force it to startup in WiFi C mode.
    To do a system reset enter System Settings (SysSetup) - Choose Sys Rst and confirm with Rst All?  

See below for setup procedures with iOS devices and Android/Windows.

Setup using iPhone/iPad

Before starting the setup make sure that the Montana Sound Unit is in WiFI Connect mode. Change input to WiFi and check that it displays WiFI C. 

  • On the iOS device (iPhone/iPad) open the device settings as shown below.



  • In settings, choose Wi-Fi settings (marked with blue). This will show the current connected WiFi network and available networks.
  • First, make sure that the iPhone/iPad is connected to the home WiFi network. If both a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz network is present, choose the 2.4GHz, since the Montana Sound Unit only supports 2.4GHz networks.
  • Look for the category "Set up new AirPlay speaker..." further down on the settings page. 
  • The Montana Sound Unit will be shown as "Montana_MSU XXXXXX", where the last 6 digits represent a unique number for each Sound Unit. Click on it.



  • The AirPlay Setup page will be opened.
  • The Network part shows the current network which the iOS device is connected to. This should be the home WiFi network.
    (Please make sure that the chosen home network is a 2.4GHz network which is supported by the Montana Sound Unit)
    (If the shown network is not the home 2.4GHz network, click on "Show Other Networks..." to choose the home 2.4GHz network.)
  • The name of the Montana Sound Unit can be changed under "Speaker Name". This is the name which will be used to identify the Sound Unit in the App and when playing over AirPlay.
  • (Optional) Speaker Password can be set if wanted. Setting the Speaker Password means that each time a device tries to use AirPlay on the Sound Unit, the chosen password should be entered.




  • Click on name of the Montana Sound Unit to change the name. In this case we changed it to Montana_LivingRoom
  • After changing the name press the Next button in the upper right corner to continue the setup process.



  • When pressing Next the iOS device will connect to the Montana Sound Unit and will
    • send the network name and password to the Sound Unit
    • change the name of the Montana Sound Unit
    • set AirPlay password in case it is set (optional) 



  • When Setup Complete message appears, the Montana Sound Unit has received the needed information from the iOS device, and it will join the network.
  • When the Montana Sound Unit is succesfully added to the network, it will display WiFi N standing for WiFi Network.


The Montana Sound Unit is now connected to the network and ready to stream music over AirPlay and DLNA and to be controlled from the Montana Sound App. 


Setup using Android and Windows PC

Before starting the setup make sure that the Montana Sound Unit is in WiFI Connect mode. Change input to WiFi and check that it displays WiFI C. 

  • Under WiFi settings, connect to the Montana_MSU_ConnectXXXXXX, where the 6 digits are unique for each Sound Unit. Here it is shown on Windows 10.


  • When connection to the Montana Sound Unit wifi is made, open a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer...) and go to
  • This will open up the Montana Network Configuration page.


  • Under AirPlay Deivce Name, the name of the Montana Sound Unit can be changed. This name will be used on the network, in the app and when streaming music to it over DLNA or AirPlay.
  • Type in the desired name of the Sound Unit and press Apply to the right of the Name box. 


  •  After pressing Apply, a confirmation will come up that the settings have been changed. To go back to the Network Configuration, refresh the page, by pressing the Refresh button (or press F5 on Windows).


  • In the Wireless LAN Settings box, the WiFi connections can be made.
  • First, choose the home WiFi network in the Service Set ID (SSID) box.
  • Type the password to the home WiFi network in the next line
  • When the correct home WiFi network is chosen and the password is entered, press the Apply button in the lower right corner.


  • A warning dialog comes up which asks whether to continue. If the wrong network or password has been entered, press Cancel to go back to make the correct WiFi settings.


  • After pressing OK, the name of the home WiFi network and the password will be stored in the Montana Sound Unit and it will try to connnect to the network. 
  • The display on the Montana Sound Unit will change to WiFi N (standing for Network) if connection to the network is succesful. 
  • If No WiFI is shown in the display, try the process again and make sure that the correct password is entered. 

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