*4x*6 loudspeaker and Montana bookcase Assembly
By Kelvin Varst 07/12/2016 10.53 Comments

When you come home after collecting your PointSource soundsystem and Montana bookcase, it can be a help to look at this video guide. You will be guided through details which will ensure a hasle free assembly.

Enjoy the music.

  1. Push both corners in at the same time.
  2. Remove the frame with both hands, being careful not to scratch the book case.
  3. Unscrew the top and bottom plate with a Torx T20 key
  4. Place the base plate adjacent to the speaker
  5. Lift the speaker up on the base plate
  6. Place the foam pads into the recesses
  7. Place the top plate
  8. Pull the cable through the back plate
  9. Push the terminal and insert cable
  10. Check that there is bare wire on both sides of the terminal
  11. Lift the bottom plate into the shelf
  12. Tilt the back of the top plate
  13. Slide slowly top and bottom into the rack
  14. Push the speaker almost all the way in
  15. Pull the cable out the back
  16. Push the speaker all the way in
  17. Place the front grille to the lower magnets with both hands…
  18. …and click both top corners in place

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