Montana Sound Section 1-2-3

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Complete HiFi system consisting of 1 Montana Sound Unit, 2 Medium Montana Loudspeakers and 2 special designed loudspeaker cables to fit in the Montana Sound Sections 1,2 and 3.


Complete bundle consisting of

1 x Montana Sound Unit 2.0
2 x 4*6 Medium Loudspeakers
2 x Special designed loudspeaker cables.

This bundle is designed to be used with the Montana Sound Sections 1, 2 and 3 from Montana. 

Follow the links to see the furniture from Montana:

Montana Sound 
Montana Sound Section 2
Montana Sound Section 3



Additional Information


  • Should I connect my Apple TV/BluRay/Gaming Console to my TV or to my Sound Unit?
    • The Montana Sound Unit has a build-in HDMI Hub. This means that video sources like Aplle TV, BluRay, STB (Set Top Box) and Gaming Consoles can be connected with an HDMI cable directly to the Montana Sound Unit. This means that the HDMI cable from the Montana Sound Unit is the only HDMI connection on the TV.
  • I have connected my Montana Sound Unit to my TV through a HDMI cable, but I do not get any sound from my TV out through the Montana Sound Unit?
    • To get the sound from the TV back to the Montana Sound Unit requires that your TV supports Audio Return Channel (ARC). Normally, only one HDMI input on the TV supports ARC, please consult the Manual of the TV for connecting an ARC audio receiver. 
    • The HDMI cable Must be of the type High Speed and support HDMI version 1.4.
    • ARC has to be activated on the Montana Sound Unit. Under System Setup and HDMI, find ARC and set it to ON. After activating ARC, it is important to turn both TV and Montana Sound Unit Off and On again in order for the connection to start up the first time. 
    • In case that the TV do not support ARC, a seperate sound cable needs to be connected between the TV and the Montana Sound Unit. This be a analog or digital cable depending on the outputs on TV, please consult the manual of the TV for connecting an audio receiver. 


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