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Large Loudspeaker

3.699,00 kr

This is the most powerful of the loudspeakers available from SoundBy PointSource. The large loudspeaker produces sound that is both louder and deeper than other loudspeakers due to an increased volume and changes in materials. The large loudspeaker from SoundBy PointSource is the perfect choice for you if you like entertaining or have large rooms. The bass is optimized to give exceptional low end frequency delivery – which can really be felt when watching movies or playing video games – all of which can be channelled through the SoundBy PointSource Sound Unit.

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Medium Loudspeaker

2.799,00 kr

If your passion is listening to music, this is the loudspeaker for you. The medium-sized speaker from SoundBy PointSource is a high performance music loudspeaker. The bass is optimized for music listening and the sound fills the room without unnecessary distortion. Whatever your musical taste and event, the flexibility of this loudspeaker allows you to listen in a quiet relaxed space or to play loud enough to throw a party in a large family room. This size of loudspeaker from SoundBy PointSource will produce an immersive environment whether you are watching a movie, playing computer games, or listening to classical or rock music – all of which can be channelled through the SoundBy PointSource Sound Unit.

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Small Loudspeaker

1.499,00 kr

This is the smallest loudspeaker available from SoundBy PointSource. However, the designers ensured that the small size does not compromise on sound quality. The loudspeakers are perfect for places where you listen to background music and/or want to get better and clear sound on your TV. The small size mean that they can be kept out of the way in your kitchen, office, children's room, or small living rooms, where TV and music are not the main function of the room.

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Montana Sound Section 1-2-3

13.199,00 kr
Complete HiFi system consisting of 1 Montana Sound Unit, 2 Medium Montana Loudspeakers and 2 special designed loudspeaker cables to fit in the Montana Sound Sections 1,2 and 3. Learn More