Peter og Carsten

About us

SoundBy PointSource is based in Roskilde, about 30km (20 miles) West of Copenhagen. The Danish-owned company was founded by specialist PointSource Acoustics engineer Carsten Tinggaard in 2009. In 2012, Morten Halvorsen and Christian Berg Jacobsen joined the team of highly talented and respected acoustic engineers.

Their formal education at the world renowned Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Danish Technical University) is supported by decades of combined experience at some of the World’s leading audio companies such Peerless – where Carsten rose to the position of Production Manager and then Chief Engineer for Research and Development.

The work of Carsten and PointSource Acoustics is well-known within the Scandinavian audio industry as the developer of many high-end driver solutions – some of which you will see around you, in the home, in your car, and many other applications.

Carsten passion was inspired by wanting to produce the very best audio drivers. One of the first successes was to build and develop the World’s fastest and accurate sample laboratory. It is to the credit of the PointSource engineering team that their demanding customers were never disappointed when converting this promise into the ability to deliver actual production-ready examples.

From the beginning, PointSource Acoustics engineers worked in partnership with Montana, a quality and long-established Copenhagen-based furniture design company, to design and build top quality audio solutions that enhanced the audio experience of Montana’s customers’ sophisticated taste.

The highly successful partnership continues through to today and, with encouragement of Montana’s leadership, PointSource Acoustics have entered into new territory: to supply the high quality loud speakers and amplifiers directly to home and business users as well as to existing Montana customers with the creation of the SoundBy PointSource range of high-end audio devices.

SoundBy PointSource Company Values

Every person in the Company recognises their personal responsibility to develop and promote technologies that benefit people and create a culture where innovation and teamwork are valued and encouraged.

Environmental considerations are at the forefront of the design and manufacturing process. This philosophy aims to reduce waste and unnecessary harm to the environment.

The PointSource design engineers have developed special production processes that permit the use of environmental safe materials and process such as the use of water-based glues. Even the MDF wood selected for the speaker cabinets come renewable sources and is produced using only environmentally conscious processes.

For the audiophile

Why choose SoundBy PointSource? The audio engineers and system designers are world experts in producing the very best sound drivers. Every part of the loudspeakers and amplifiers are designed and tested at a 300m2 in-house laboratory. The team even designed and developed their own semi-anechoic chamber to improve and advance the design and testing process.

The development team are the leaders in modelling and developing sound drivers, the beating heart of every loudspeaker. The exceptional results are, in part, due to the use and proper utilisation of design and testing tools such ‘Finite Element Analysis’ (FEA) on the loudspeaker magnet design and long-standing expertise using the Klippel Analyser (a very precise, laser measuring tool). The application and experience of these tools and technologies all help to make the SoundBy PointSource designers and engineers experts in audio system integration.