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This is the smallest loudspeaker available from SoundBy PointSource. However, the designers ensured that the small size does not compromise on sound quality. The loudspeakers are perfect for places where you listen to background music and/or want to get better and clear sound on your TV. The small size mean that they can be kept out of the way in your kitchen, office, children's room, or small living rooms, where TV and music are not the main function of the room.



The smallest loudspeaker available from SoundBy PointSource has been developed as a full-range loudspeaker, meaning that both bass and treble is combined into one unit.

The biggest challenge for a small full-range loudspeaker is to be able to move a lot of air at the lower frequencies while still be able to reproduce voices and instruments that sound natural. Due to the small diaphragm area, the SoundBy PointSource small loudspeakers have been specifically designed with a high degree of movement to reproduce an effective bass. This meant the designers had to produce a fully optimised full-range driver to keep the distortion low and ensure that all the frequencies are reproduced with precision and clarity.

The 2½ inch full-range driver in this, small loudspeaker is among the very best in the world. It has a exceptional coverage and spreads the sound throughout the room. This means that listeners do not need to sit exactly between the loudspeakers to get a convincing stereo perspective.

All the parts are carefully designed by leading audio engineers in Denmark and optimised to give a clean, clear, and detailed sound reproduction while creating a huge sound picture in relation to the small size of the loudspeaker. The development process placed a large focus on the overall design and precise laser measuring listening tests - where some of World's leading engineering and listening experience has come together to create a loudspeaker where the statement “big sound from small speakers” has reached new heights.

Danish Design

The cabinet is made from environmentally sustainable 12mm MDF and the manufacturing process has been careful to select processes and materials that eliminate or greatly reduce damage to the environment - this includes the use of water-based glues.

The Small Loudspeaker from SoundBy PointSource uses an aluminium cone at the centre of the diaphragm. This material was selected as the best medium for sound production in this class of loudspeaker.

To further increase the loudspeaker's performance the designers added a copper sleeve inside the magnet system. The use of copper reduces distortion, especially at the higher frequencies.

The cabinet measures 174 x 92 x 145mm and the mechanical and acoustical parameters of the driver and the bass reflex port are optimised for the small cabinet size.

The bass tuning frequency is carefully tuned to 80Hz to extend the bass response at the lower frequencies without overloading the driver.

Auto-protection of the Driver Unit

The SoundBy PointSource small loudspeaker is equipped with a high-pass filter and an auto-fuse which shuts down the loudspeaker at overloading and turns it on again after 30 seconds. Combined, these safety features protect the speaker from extensive overloading.

Retro-fitting into Montana Furniture

Foam pads are added to the SoundBy PointSource loudspeaker between the loudspeaker cabinet and the Montana furniture. These serve two functions:

1. To ensure mechanical decoupling of the loudspeaker from the furniture.
2. To damp unwanted resonances in the cabinet, which normally would generate distortion and thereby an unwanted colouring of the sound.

The small loudspeaker has been specifically designed to fit perfectly into the 2*4 sized Montana cabinets.

Additional Information

Frequency Range 80 - 20,000 Hz (+/- 10dB)
Sensitivity 82.5 dB (2.83V/1m)
Impedance 8 ohm
Amplifier Size 30 - 100 W
Crossover frequency 1st order high pass filter @ 90 Hz
Cabinet type Bass Reflex
Port frequency 105 Hz
Terminals Single Wire
Dimensions H 174 mm x W 92 mm D 145 mm
Overload protection Yes


How to install the loudspeakers in the Montana Furniture?
 - The loudspeakers are fitted with foampads on the top and the bottom which fits perfectly in the Montana furniture mounting plates. Please see our complete guide for easy and correct installations of the speakers.

Does it matter which way I turn the loudspeaker?
 - No. The loudspeakers can be placed on vertically or horizontially. The foam pads mounted on the bottom are higher than the others which ensures that no matter how it is turned around, there will always be the correct opening at the bottom. This is needed for the bass reflex port on the medium and large loudspeakers model.
 - If the speakers are mounted sideways, it is often best to place the woofers towards each other and the tweeters away from each other. This ensures that the tweeters are placed farthest from eachother which gives a wider stereo perspective.


When I play really loud, suddenly only the bass can be heard. Is my speaker broken?
 - The speakers are equipeed with a thermal protection circuit which automatically turns off the tweeter when there is a risk that it will be damaged due to heat. In this case, turn down the volume on the amplifier and after around 20 seconds the tweeter has cooled down and will start playing again.
 - In case the tweeter does not work after 20 seconds, turn off the amplifier and wait half an hour before turning it on again. If the tweeter is still not working, please contact our support team on

Only one of the speakers are working. What to do?
 - First check that the cable between the amplifier and the loudspeaker is probably connected and that the loudspeaker terminals is touching the core wire.
 - Try to switch left / right speaker cables around on the amplifier to see if the problem is with the loudspeaker or with the amplifier. Is it still the same speaker that is not working?
 - If there still is a problem and it is still the same speaker that does not work, please contact our support team on


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